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We're making a CONCERTed effort!!

Kim Wilcox

8 Sept 2023

Do you like singing in the shower?

If so, then our new Summer Concert slot maybe the answer to your prayers. Not everyone likes the thought of dancing or acting, but they love belting out a song at every opportunity. The new summer concert will be just that - SINGING! At some point in the future, depending on the members we have, we may introduce more than singing, perhaps a bit of a monologue, or a quick dance, but rest-assured, we won't be forcing you to do anything you're not comfortable with. So, if you're up for a solo, great, but if not, also great. You can be in a duet or a triplet, or in the chorus. It's up to you. But you never know, as your confidence grows, you might find yourself willing to take on more. Not only willing, but eager. We have members of all levels, some with lots of experience, and some with very little; no-one is the same. We have long term members who really don't like being in the spotlight much, and are more than happy to be part of the group as a whole, but just occasionally, they step up into the light. Of course, there are those amongst us who love to perform in front of an audience, and thrive on being in the spotlight. Naming no names, of course!

So, whatever your skill level, there's a place for you in our group.

Email chinnormusicaltheatre@gmail for more details

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