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New Show 2024 announced

Kim Wilcox

1 Oct 2023

Childs Play: A Topsy Turvy Nativity

We are pleased to announce our main show for Christmas 2024 - Child's Play: A Topsy Turvy Nativity. Written and directed by Kim Wilcox, this hilarious show tells the story of The Nativity, through the eyes of children. Unfortunately, we don't have any child actors, so the adult (and in some cases, elderly) cast will do their best to take on the characters. The show is based on a short skit that Kim wrote several years ago, that has been reworked making it a full length show. As a skit it had the audience in stiches so expect this show to be much more of the same. We are always looking for new cast members, and particularly for this show, so if you'd like to join, or rejoin, us, please get in touch. A warm welcome will be waiting. How's that for a bit of alliteration?!

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