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About Us

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A long, long time ago a group of enthusiasts started a group known then as Chinnor Amateur Operatic Society We've changed our name a couple of times along the way to firstly Chinnor Operatic Society, and latterly to Chinnor Musical Theatre, because we no longer perform anything operatic! We endeavour to provide a variety of shows that all our members and audiences can enjoy, regardless of genre, but still within the framework of Musical Theatre. We also sometimes venture outside of Chinnor depending on the show and spaces that are available, but our rehearsals are primarily at Chinnor Village Hall still.

We will begin rehearsing on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 pm in Chinnor Village Hall shortly, Covid restrictions permitting.  Initially, we will hold Singalong Nights, where we will pick a show or genre and learn songs for a month, before moving on to another theme.  Hopefully, we will be back rehearsing for a show as soon as we can, with the aim of performing both in Chinnor and other local villages. We hope we can encourage more people to come and see what we’re doing in the future. Our committee has the experience, drive, and knowledge to guide the Society to perform to the highest standards with the maximum amount of fun.

We aim to present the best of amateur entertainment using everyone’s unique talents – each person has their own skills. To join as a performer we would ideally like to see a short singing or dancing audition – just so we know where to put you, but this is informal, so please don't see it as an obstacle. It's never as bad as it seems and we will always see the best in everyone. Auditions for a Main Show are for those who would like to be cast in a named role and will be carried out well in advance of the particular show – again, this can be nerve-wracking, but in order to get the right person for each character, it is necessary. If you’re not cast, it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, just that someone else is ‘right’ for the particular role, as obviously we want the best person for the job in hand. We will always try to find a place for you as an individual and would never force anyone to do something they're not comfortable with. We would encourage everyone interested to give it a go as you might just be the one!

Alternatively, if you want to share in the fun, but don’t want to go on the stage, there’s always plenty of work behind the scenes and everyone is important. We can't put on a show without the people helping us with lighting or sound, or even running the bar or selling raffle tickets. So if you just fancy a new hobby or have a love of community theatre, but don’t want to participate on or off stage, we would like to encourage you to join us.  But putting on a show is an expensive business, so if you’d like to help, please contact us. We will offer a range of benefits to those of you who would like to invest in us in whatever capacity you can, large or small.

So now, let the fun begin…. 

Post Performance, Amelie's Boutique
The colourful cast of Amelies Boutique, after show
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